It all started with the search for the perfect plate:

With an occupational therapy degree and three kids all currently 3 and under- I’ve learnt a few tricks of the trade.

After an unexpected pregnancy in 2014 , I was propelled into adulthood a lot faster than I anticipated.

When my son Max was born, I had never changed a nappy- let alone even held a newborn. I spent many a late night breastfeeds scrolling the web and researching, (whilst completing assignments) I was determined that my lack of experience or planning wouldn’t implicate my parenting ability in anyway. I was not going to be a “default parent”.

Fast track to January 2018 when my twin girls were born, I now knew what to buy and what not to buy- and anything I wasn’t sure of, I learnt quickly with two in hand and one at foot.

As an Occupational Therapist at heart, I looked for certain baby products that called to me and would help me, help my little people develop correctly and easily.

I got onto the baby led weaning train and loved all the benefits that came with it! All the millions of fine motor skills that are implemented through a simple activity of self feeding! Not to mention the perception skills and of course promoting independence (hello occupational therapy!!). But I couldn’t find any decent compartmentalised plates. I searched! And came up short, every time.

The options of compartmentalised plates in South Africa, are not only limited in range and style but also in material. Being mainly plastic. To be honest, they are either ghastly expensive, plastic or ugly.

With the worry of our planet on everyone’s mind, I can’t help but feel it’s heightened in becoming a mom, dad, aunt, God mother etc etc as you now begin to worry about a particular baby’s future. The biggest threat being: plastic!

The use of plastic is a tricky thing to shake, due to its durability, convenience and hygiene. But one of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic use is through your permanent, daily uses. Such as baby’s food bowl and utensils!

I suddenly realized that I couldn’t be the only mom with this shortfall? And so hopscollection was born.

Our bamboo bowls, plates and utensils are 100% organic and FDA approved. Whilst the suctions and the spoon coverings are silicone a material that is not
a “100% natural”. It is A food-grade silicone, it is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off-gassing, hazardous chemicals – unlike plastics, which contaminate food in these environments.

Our silicone is odourless, tasteless and 100% baby safe.

We encourage you to help your baby develop and strengthen their fine motor skills and all the rest that comes with self feeding and we’d like to help you look cuteR whilst doing it.

It’s very hard to choose what products to add. Once you get started it’s like scratching a mosquito bite- it’s hard to stop. So know that each item you see, a LOT of thought has gone into it!

We have suction bowls, plates and spoons. Which all have removable silicone bits making it easy to sanitize or letting it grow with your child’s ability. We have beautiful teethers, and one of my best: a busy book.


Hopscollection is not a business.. it’s not really even  brand. It’s a single person behind it and so things are not necessarily filtered correctly, as they only need to be run by me. Often people can be upset with the rawness that is “hopscollection”. But all I hope to do, is keep an open and honest platform about what goes into producing your products and getting them to you.